The mission

We are here to demystify IT We work to enable digital transformation for SMEs and non-profit organizations by acting as a guide in the world of UDI, and we use our Buddy system and no-code platforms to make this possible.

Citizen Wave

“The World of UDI makes a digital life transparent and therefore easier to understand.”

Bouwe Koopal
+31 6 3014 3240

“The Buddy principle ensures optimal results by working together with senior professionals, students and people with a distance to the labor market.”

Malko Swelheim
+31 6 2635 2581

Citizen Wave

In 2019, 'the world of UDI' appeared on the market. In this atlas, Bouwe Koopal, together with Bert Annink, describes the cloud world in a very accessible way. The atlas describes the Citizen Wave as one of the most important developments.
The core of the Citizen Wave is that professionals themselves select and implement their applications on Trendy Boulevard. If no suitable applications are available, they make them themselves (as a Citizen Developers on Citizen Beach) with no-code tools. Finally, the professionals can connect existing and self-made applications in Robotic Seaport.


As a follow-up to this atlas, Bouwe's dream was to set up an organization that would help SMEs with the idea of ​​the Citizen Wave and guide them in the world of UDI, using no-code tools only.

Our Buddies

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Domenic Heathcote


Ed Lanen

Senior Buddy

Ellen Swelheim

Grafisch ontwerper
Ontwerpstudio Swelheim

Favian Hartmann


Felix Koelpin


Haskell Heathcote


Buddy system

In a teacher-apprentice format, we aim to help young people enter the labour market faster and better-equipped. The junior “Buddies” are supervised by senior specialists (teachers) who have a lot of experience, are retired or have reached the last phase of their career. This prevents loss of essential knowledge and helps young people benefit from this knowledge more quickly.

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