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Ready to become a guide in the world of applications?We use the Buddy concept in all of our no-code projects: Junior Buddies carry out the projects together with senior Buddies. And we’re happy to meet both!

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Junior Buddies

Are you eager to create, implement and integrate applications with no-code tools? We offer the ideal format that you can combine with studies. We are looking for software development students as well as healthcare, welfare and other MBO and HO students. After a (short) training that you have to do in your own time or that is part of your internship with us, we determine the next steps together.The commitment as a Junior Buddy is part-time (we aim for approximately 16 hours per week).

Senior Buddies

Do you have years of experience in the IT industry, affinity with no-code solutions and would enjoy guiding junior specialists in projects? We look forward to having you on our team! The commitment as a Senior Buddy is part-time (maximum approximately 16 hours per week).

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Ready to become a guide in the world of applications?Sounds interesting?
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